Marketing Michigan’s Business Strengths

January 11, 2013

in Michigan News

There’s no doubt you are dialed in to the conversation currently taking place across the state and in the media regarding The Wall Street Journal ad highlighting all of our state’s advantages for doing business here.

As President and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation overseeing the Pure Michigan campaign, I want to take this opportunity to discuss state of Michigan business marketing efforts.

Using the Pure Michigan brand for business marketing is not new. Over the past two years, we have expanded the Pure Michigan brand beyond tourism to market the entire state. In fact, we now have more than 240 companies that use the Pure Michigan brand in their marketing.

The ad is the first in a broad advertising campaign aimed at corporate and business site location decision-makers to let them know about all of the positive changes we’re making to improve our business climate. We are marketing our state’s strengths: reduced business taxes, streamlined regulatory environment, Freedom to Work and the full range of advantages that only Michigan offers. The Wall Street Journal delivers the largest number of our targeted industry and audience markets by far, so it was the logical choice for the ad.

As we continue to transform Michigan by growing and attracting business, keeping talented residents, revitalizing our urban centers, and increasing tourism, we must continue to tell the Michigan story and promote all the advantages of doing business, living, working, and visiting here. This ad is another step in that ongoing promotional effort.

The campaign is being paid for with Michigan Economic Development Corporation corporate funds. No general fund tax dollars appropriated to the Michigan Strategic Fund are being used for the campaign.

Our state policymakers enacted Freedom-to-Work legislation, and it’s our job as the state’s economic development organization to do all we can to communicate with site selection professionals about every single factor in doing business here, including Freedom to Work. As our newest tool, it is the logical launching pad for a larger business attraction campaign.

We are listening to the feedback we are receiving and will continue to roll out the campaign in a way we think is most effective in reaching our target audiences. Please share any additional feedback in the comments section below or on the Michigan Economic Development Corporation Facebook page at

Mike Finney, President and CEO

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